Hadn't thought about the Salzburg Festival in months...

But presumed that they were in thrall to the servants of the plague: but the Guardian reports that this is not the case, or not entirely the case. Good. The pianist Igor Levit,


... who attracted thousands of new fans with nightly streamed concerts from his home during lockdown, said safety had to be the first priority.


That is why I stopped listening to his excellent livestreamed recitals: his homilies about Left Woke in general and 'safety above all' in particular became too tiresome to endure.

Note that the members of the Vienna Philharmonic are seated as normal, and that the members of the audience are not seated six feet away from each other.  

Why are we Oregonians required to maintain six feet of distance between ourselves and others even outdoors when passing in opposite directions? Because science. Why do the Brits and Euros maintain a three foot distance? Science, you say? Pft.




The Blogger people continue to fuss with the interface here and I cannot make the video to be centered. But I cannot fuss with it now; must say Terce and then go out to pick up my prescription.  Evidently, whatever the issue was is now resolved, somehow.



Such a beautiful morning! 70s F., breezy, sunny. It's time for Sext but I wanted to note that-- I missed this from the beginning of last year-- there is a certain controversy about the word porcus, 'pig' in Latin, or, more properly, perhaps, 'piglet'. John Byron Kuhner (classicist and editor of In Medias Res) and Adam Gitner (of the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, the ongoing project of assembling an exhaustive dictionary of Latin according to the best modern practices, maybe finished in twenty years or so) exchanged 'words' last February: Kuhner argues that porcus is properly understood in the first place as 'piglet', Gitner explained why the TLL doesn't present the word in that way: their articles at Medium are here, here (Gitner's), and here.

Dr Gitner includes the entire TLL entry for porcus, and mentioned also that the TLL would be available online gratis at some point (the printed books will be cost-prohibitive, I imagine, to all but the best-funded university libraries etc): as indeed seems now to be the case.