As it was the feast of Saint Augustine yesterday...

I had fully intended to listen to Johann Adolf Hasse's oratorio La Conversione di Sant'Agostino-- but of course I forgot about it (was reminded by this article, the link to which was in this morning's batch of emails). I listened a couple of times a few months ago when I learned of the work and put it into the Spotify playlists but, eh. There are any number of musical works, ranging from settings of antiphons  from the Office (e.g. for the feasts of Saint Agnes) to pieces like Hasse's, associated with the progress of the liturgical year and I intend to listen to them at the appropriate time... but unless I put a note into the calendar I don't have much success in keeping to plans such as this. (I don't think I've ever put a musical work's 'anniversary', as it were, into the calendar, alas.)


Yet another beautiful early Autumn day here. I managed to leave the front door very shortly after 0600: that is more or less the usual time until something has upset the agenda. It is noticeably darker at six than, say, a couple of weeks ago. 

Two alternatives for live music ahead. The opening concert of the Concursal Internațional 'George Enescu' is broadcast on Radio România Muzical at the top of the hour: two works by Romanian composers of whom I've never heard and then Brahms's Symphony no 1. And also at the top of the hour (I think), from Tallinn on Klassika Raadio works by Sibelius, Grieg, Vaughan Williams, and Pärt (his Cantus in memoria Benjamin Britten). 

But it's time for Terce, so will fuss with this later. The Romanian broadcast has begun now, 0800 here; the Estonian, evidently not until 0900 here.

Listened to the Clarinet Concerto of Alexandru Stefan Murariu while I prepared breakfast. 

And am listening to Dan Dediu's Triple Concerto (violin, cello, piano, and orchestra) now. (That website is quite out of date but the biographical information etc is interesting; the Wikipedia page is here.)



These are both pleasant enough works but will turn the Estonian station on after this Dediu.