A beautiful cool morning for my expedition downtown...

And the weather prognosticators, at least the ones that live in the mobile telephone, are saying that the high temperature later on will be in the upper 70s. 

I refined my agenda this morning. If I use the ATM downtown at my bank I suffer no fee-- I've gotten so accustomed to not being downtown that I'm lucky to have thought of this. The Sheldon Plaza ATMs would charge me $3.50, tsk, which, as it happens, is the day's bus fare (but we're not being charged that until next month: the drivers are still in the process of being closed into plexiglass cabins in the front of the buses). 

I hear a woodpecker.



I love it that the School of Economics in Warsaw has a choir that has made recordings. 


Am catching the last twenty minutes of the Pärt Passio-- although I'm only superficially 'listening' at the moment-- and would've been able to hear much more were it not for the reduction in frequency of the buses. I had forgotten this; being done at the post office by 0840, and withdrawing cash for the rent already by 0850, I had plenty of time to make it to Eugene Station by 0900. Unfortunately, the next bus didn't leave until 0940. Pft.