Yet more Christians martyred by the Islamists in Nigeria...

And as the article at l'Observatoire de la Christophobie mentions, the major media 'piously erased' ("pieusement gommée") the anti-Christian nature of the slaughter. Now I'm interested to see if or how the Times reported this: and it did, although for them, it was 'aid workers' who were killed. Since the murderers were creatures of the Islamic State, perhaps we were meant to presume that their victims were Christian?

... Terrorist groups in northeastern Nigeria are often known by the catchall name Boko Haram, the nickname of the original group that took up arms in 2009, of which I.S.W.A.P. is a splinter group. Unlike the original Boko Haram, I.S.W.A.P. at first targeted mostly Christians, people affiliated with the state, and employees of international aid organizations. More recently, it has begun killing other Muslims too, some analysts have said....

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Omnes martyres Dei, orate pro nobis.


Why is the blue jay-- it is a scrub jay, to be more precise-- standing between two nuts and scanning its horizon? That's what it looks to be doing, anyway. I think it is defending it nuts against the Steller's jay-- which is going to swoop down and take the second nut as soon as the scrub jay flies off with the first one, no matter how possessive he displays himself, or how secure he imagines his claim, to be. Or, perhaps, it simply doesn't like either of them for whatever reason or reasons. They are fascinating birds, these jays.