Yet another beautiful day although the temperature is...

Warmer today than yesterday; now, an hour before Compline, I suppose it is as warm as it's going to be today.

I still haven't read 'the letter', the Thomas Chatterton Williams letter which is supposed to have been signed by 'luminaries' of the arts and politics world (i.e. of the Left, chiefly) who are vaguely supportive of 'free speech'. But I did read today's post by Dr Althouse, and yesterday's. I don't know that I am such a great defender of 'free speech' as that term is construed by the old style 'liberals' but I can cheerfully condemn the 'cancel culture' nonsense.

... The censorship and cancel culture they are talking about is very much a thing of the left. Take some damned responsibility for the attack on freedom of speech that has been nurtured among elite thinkers for the last 40 years. I experienced it in academia-- first hand-- through my entire career as a law professor....

That is the Professor emerita at the beginning of her post yesterday; I guess the letter writers' first impulse is to blame the Right for their own people's nonsense, and Dr Althouse quite forthrightly reads them the Riot Act. She proceeds to distinguish and to specify and so forth, as becomes her. I don't feel like I need to fuss with all of it.

I had a meeting with the orthopaedic surgeon this morning and a hip replacement looks like it's on the horizon-- the not very near horizon, my discomfort and tests placing me squarely in the center of the 'moderate' range of osteoarthritic, hip dysfunction. The tear in the labrum is, practically speaking, unimportant, although circumstances can change etc etc. Exercise and ibuprofen are the cure for the time being. He said I may want to use my cane instead of keeping it around for theatrical purposes. Eh.

Had never heard of Antonio Bertali until 1100 this morning.