Yesterday was a rather different sort of day...

In the sense that my routine was upended; it was, however, beautiful, sunny and not too hot (warmer than Friday, when the temperature barely made it above 75 degrees F. all day).

There is a concert being livestreamed tomorrow at noon from Tenerife, an ensemble of the Real Academia Canaria de Bellas Artes that will perform something of Biber's. Will see; noon there must be... not 0300 here but... 0400, so I may abandon Warrington's Mass; it is the feast of St Jerome Aemiliani. Went back to sleep this morning, ahem, and so missed the Mass of the 7th Sunday post Pentecosten from Saint-Eugène; didn't rise until half past two. I followed the 1570 calendar because if I had stuck with the 1910, I would have had the Office of the feast of Saint Vincent de Paul, Confessor, and was ready for a normal Sunday of 18 Psalms with their 9 lessons rather than the 9 Psalms of the Office of Confessors etc. So many Confessors at this time of year that I can almost recite the Office with my eyes closed.

Had never heard of Silvius Leopoldus Weiss before this morning but he was evidently a great lutenist; the folks performing his Concerto for Two Lutes in C major in the video aren't the same  people who are on the album that's at Spotify-- Bernhard Hofstötter and Dolores Costoyas-- but, eh. I see that he lived at the Saxon court at Dresden for the latter part of his life.

Have at last observed that the squirrels can detect whether the peanut is concealing a nut in each half or only one nut: they will skip the one-nutted peanuts in order to continue on to what they hope is a two-nutted peanut. Quite fascinating.

Later, before None. Dr Townsend, at The Music Salon, is proposing a weekly listening plan. Organization and planning-- as much as I hold bureaucrats in contempt-- remain goods in our private life, certainly.
... So here is a basic plan for listening that should take you from acquaintance with the fundamental kinds of music with the emphasis on classical music, to an appreciation of some of the more challenging varieties. Let's organize it by weeks assuming that you can set aside one hour a week to just listen. Hey, one benefit is that it will get you into a peaceful, possibly meditative, environment for a short while at least. And if you are still trapped at home, at least it will give you something to do....

Good advice too about arranging the proper space to listen. Bach and Mozart in week one.