Today is the 100th anniversary of the death...

Of the Empress Eugénie, spouse of Napoléon III and benefactress of the church of Saint-Eugène from its foundation in 1855; I've never attended a Requiem Mass in the Roman rite and so it is intructive to see the livestream of this. Unfortunately, the entire Schola isn't present, ahem.

I'll add the video from St.-E. when it is at YouTube. Am going back to bed when the Mass is completed.

I went back to bed and fussed for fifteen minutes-- I ought to have simply gotten back up-- before going to sleep so soundly that I shut off the alarm without really waking and consequently didn't rise until 0545, which delay in the second beginning of the day seemed to disorganize everything until now, when I'm at last returned from the morning walk, ha.