The silly Steller's jay put two peanuts in their shells...

Into his beak; is going to choke itself if it continues along that greedy road. One went in lengthwise and the second he managed to grasp crosswise. I understand that they and the squirrels learn to be careful of the dog (although that lazy creature is sound asleep at this point, 0751) but surely the jays, at least, ought also have been able to grasp that the dog cannot get to my window sill? Have concluded, for some little while now, that the squirrels are irremediably stupid as well as being fairly blind, but the jays are very clever indeed.

I spent almost an hour last night on the electronic keyboard on the iPad fussing with 'La folie d'Espagne'. I will confess that I had to, ahem, refresh my memory about the order of the notes following the F, the bass, clef. Tsk.


This morning I went back to sleep for 90 minutes or so after Mass from Saint-Eugène; it seems to have become almost habitual, a nap before midday on days when I'm up at midnight for Office and Mass, so wondered if this will help me to avoid that today. Hmm.


Father Hunwicke remembered that today, in the Traditional Rite, is the feast of Saint Anne.

...I recall pointing out to a tiny granddauhter called Anna the majestic wording round the ceiling of the Church at Pontrieux, which began ANNA POTENS ... and asked her to pray for the Fatherland. Pedit evidomp....

Pedit evidomp is ora pro nobis in Breton. Cakes in the oven abaking: raspberries and pineapple and brown sugar and cinnamon. The pineapples were an improvisation occcasioned by having shopped over-enthusiastically this morning (use up the old...), so we shall see how they turn out. A load of washing in the machina since I cannot begin Sext until the oven is off. The heat is rising; 78 or 79 degrees F. now, maybe mid-90s later, tsk.

And I've discovered that Dom Guéranger's Liturgical Year is in the iPieta app on the iPad. May still purchase the books for Advent, Christmas, Septuagesima, Lent, and Eastertide, eventually, one by one, there being no urgency now.