The mask, the mask...

I only 'remembered' to take it with me this morning because I had put it into the shopping bag last night, tsk; didn't think about it until I was well away from the house. It is a beautiful morning, although cloudy. My cheerfulness is fortified also because N. didn't return yesterday as I had thought she would; 'a week' was meant to be an approximation, evidently. It would be too much to hope that it meant 'a fortnight'.

As I open my eyes and observe at Parler, I see that I can receive tips, once I am... now I cannot think of the word-- 'checkified', on Twitter. Verified. The advisory that the verification process is 'usually completed within 48 hours' has proved that my case is, for some reason, unusual, ha-- am pretty sure that it's because the entire site is slow and glitchy. As someone mentioned the other day, if this is because there are so many new users in such a brief time and the issues are relatively quickly resolved then we may look forward to continued happy Parleying. If the site remains as tiresome to use as it is at the moment, well, well, someone's investment won't bear much fruit.


Ha. No, N., I don't want to be tipped for my nonsense on Parler-- that's a remark that only someone unfamiliar with my scribbles could make. The tip nonsense came to my attention in the first place because someone on some other social media application was being dismal about Parler because its 'influencing' arrangement (i.e. tipping; I don't know-- there's a tab for it on the main site page) is (according to him) designed to benefit Mr Trump's camp followers.

The one group of integralists I follow, whose writing I read, I mean, and who I follow on Twitter, has blocked (well, whichever one of them has the login for the Twitter account has blocked) another ('Left') integralist I also follow: which development, frankly, I deplore. The blocked fellow is almost incomprehensible to this outsider because he is so self- and party-referential (I myself am happy to echo the Sovereign Pontiff's who have made it clear that one cannot at the same time being a sound Catholic and a committed socialist; the 'Left Integralists' have apparently found a way to explain their way around that). He and his party seem to delight in mocking 'my' party-- 'the jurists', according to one of them earlier; am not sure why-- that did the blocking, which doubtless is irritating (not to mention rather childish) but the more conversations the better, from my perspective. Time for None, otherwise I'd probably recast some of this, which is doubtless fairly incoherent.