The jay carefully weighed his decision before...

Taking the heaviest or biggest peanut to the 'pantry' and then returning to collect the other one, which it flew off with. I can't know of course whether the criterion its interested in is size or weight. The 'pantry' is the screened lid of the old and empty aquarium that sits on the deck: the jays, the towhees, the squirrels, they will all sit there and eat: it is beneath low-hanging branches and I'm sure feels a more protected space than any of the other available perches. An otherwise rather dim dog has learned from experience that he cannot get up there, although he will still charge at the aquarium etc occasionally, sending the squirrels into the tree and the birds flying away. People do the same thing, too, so I reckon I shouldn't judge the dog too severely.

A cloudy morning but I'm fairly certain that later on we shall have another brilliant sunlit afternoon. We shall also have the week's trash and recycling still, too, because I assumed that since yesterday, our normal collection day, was the federal holiday 'observed' the Sanipac people would be by today. They were around yesterday. I'm glad they have Independence Day off. I did realize my error before dragging the bins out earlier this morning, so at least I don't have to pull them in again this evening still two thirds full.

Depending on who one reads this morning, Mr Trump won re-election last night at Mount Rushmore or proved that he is a fascist demagogue. Eh.

Singing the Tallis piece via Zoom or whatever seems to have been or to be 'a thing'; singing the parts oneself and then editing them together... well, I'm not impressed. Time for Terce.