The cakes seem to me to have turned out quite well...

Although they remain intact and cooling; will try a piece at supper, probably, or perhaps tomorrow at breakfast. It is already too hot to think much about doing another least thing in the kitchen. Am listening to Beethoven's Große Fuge as I think about the agenda for the rest of the afternoon.

As usual, Dr Townsend's Friday Miscellanea was replete with interesting links and astute observations; I've added the Laura Tunbridge Beethoven to my reading list. He read James Lileks's latest Bleat, from Wednesday, ('... (i)t's 2020, after all: if speech is violence, surely music is first-degree murder....'), too, which is an event I always mean to pay attention to and all too often don't. I should also note the second 'lesson' of Dr Townsend's 'listening plan': Beethoven and Schubert this week.


Until I saw Andy Ngo tweeting about it a few minutes ago, I hadn't realized that Eugene had its own riot last night and early this morning. Tsk. My opinion is that the police ought to have begun arresting people when they began vandalizing properties downtown. There is, unfortunately, not a switch I can flip that will send a lesson-teaching jolt through the spines of certain elected and appointed officials downtown. I hope the rioters were wearing masks.

Two words, both four letters each. I wonder how that can be misunderstood? Stop that!

And, by the way, that is the general quality of the writing in the Red Guard, although I will admit that his or her feckless style isn't helped by the copious editorial insertion of links and advertisements. Certainly the reporter isn't responsible for that nonsense. 

After Vespers. Am catching up at Althouse and then going to listen  to Beethoven's op 132 Quartet before Compline. 93 or 94 degrees.