Such a beautiful summer day here...

That I'm wishing it weren't coming to an end. I have to go out to an appointment in the morning, before 0800, so even if I wanted to change up my routine (to have an extra couple of hours this evening, I mean) it would be rather problematic since I have to be up and about no later than the usual time. And so forth. I have been reading most of the day, alternating between Integralism and Evan Connell's Son of the Morning Star (about General Custer and his nonsense).

I found myself saying the wrong Psalm at Vespers, tsk; was pretty sure that this would happen eventually.

Have been using my copy of the Latin Vulgate for the day Hours (it's still too dark at Prime, or, anyway, too dark given the more or less usual cloud cover at 0600) in order to give my eyes a break from the computer screen. It prints, on the left hand page (the verso of that page) the Psalter iuxta LXX (the Gallicanum) in two columns and on the right hand page (its recto) the iuxta Hebraeos in two columns; in other words, once I reach the end of Psalm 203 iuxta LXX at the foot of the interior column on the left hand page I have then to turn the page to get to its continuation at the top of the exterior column on that verso. If I don't turn the page and instead begin at the top of the following interior column, I'm plummeted into the middle of the wrong Psalm (or, at least this would happen much of, most all of, the time).

I went from Psalm 110 to the middle of Psalm 108, earlier, and my mind didn't catch up to my error until the middle of the second line. I was, I think, saying the words of Psalm 108 but my mind was continuing Psalm 110.

Magna ópera Dómini: * exquisíta in omnes voluntátes ejus.
Conféssio et magnificéntia opus ejus: * et justítia ejus manet in sǽculum sǽculi.

I thought 'and His justice endures? but this is not right'. I realized then 'what was not right'; it was briefly embarrassing.