Strong breezes and not a cloud in the sky...

Maybe 80 degrees F. later on. Maybe.

Father Hunwicke is his wonted cheerfully pastoral self today.

The Council of Vienne had a Spirit of the Council. In that Spirit, the Templars were burned on probably phony charges of Sodomy and their wealth seized. The French government gathered huge sums of money on the undersnding that it would lead a crusade ... and then just hung on to it all. Does anybody give that Council a second thought? When did you last wake up in the night worrying about it?

Vatican II is as irrelevant now as the Council of Vienne is. Vatican II was every bit as fully and totally a true, valid Ecumenical Council cum Petro et sub Petro as Vienne was ... and it is just about as fully and totally irrelevant today.

I watched part of an interview that Mr Trump gave to a fellow named Portnoy who apparently does some nonsense called Barstool Sports. Mr Trump seemed quite sane and quite lucid and coherent and betrayed nary a hint that he is secretly Caligula biding his time.

Sixteen Saturdays between now and the November elections, Jack Posobiec pointed out earlier. I thought that the Demos were going to replace Mr Biden with someone who is less compromised than he is but if that is their strategy they are running out of time in which to accomplish it, I imagine. Perhaps they have convinced themselves that Mr Biden can in fact defeat Mr Trump at the polls. Hmm.

Time for None, followed by the hour's Office of the Dead, it being Friday. Quite why I do this, when in the Tridentine Office and the Liber usualis the Office of the Dead comprises Vespers, Matins, and Lauds only, am not sure. Hmm.