Revolution is in the air...

And, yes, that is a jocular reference to the first fireworks I've heard today being set off next door: they weren't too fiery, being for the sake of young children, and in fact I expect that they were chiefly noisy. But there is a sense in which it wasn't, a joke I mean, and I'm not referring only to the vandals and rioters doing their degenerate business under the cover of 'Black Lives Matter' or whatever the day's slogan is. The Supreme Court, 19 of the most recent 25 justices of which have been appointed by putatively 'conservative' presidents-- no, I don't remember the specific numbers reported in the article I read but four out of five is the proportion-- has failed to... and so on and so forth: I really don't have the patience to prose on about any of this on this beautiful Independence Day evening-- and the political system that gives us a Congress unable to adopt a federal budget year after year and a choice in November between Mr Biden and Mr Trump looks irreformable by the ordinary means. I wanted to link to Professor emerita Ann Althouse's post about Mr Trump's address at Mount Rushmore and to her post about the media reportage from this morning, and then I'll return to my books.

Am actually listening to Maxim Emelyanychev play Mozart's Sonata no 16 in C major but that Mozart for two pianos works here, too.

Every year that I read the New York Times on paper, they printed the Declaration of Independence on a full page on the Fourth. Did they do that this year?