Not a cloud in the sky this morning so...

It is a brilliant day so far; it's going to be too warm later on but, eh, it is the summer: I was freezing the other morning as shouldn't be the case toward the middle of July. Time for Terce, but I want to remember Neumz. There is a Square Notes episode devoted to the project also.

There is a glitch somehow in one of my laptops, the one that I dedicate to the listening of music and the streaming of video (don't ask; it seemed quite the reasonable arrangement to make etc), that affects the playback of the tracks at Neumz. It doesn't happen on this laptop, on the Kindle Fire, or on my mobile. That laptop is running Windows 10 Home version or build, whichever, 1903; this one is running version 1906. Or the other way round. Dr Anderson, of the Neumz project, was trying to help via email but I tend to lose interest in the machina's mechanics pretty quickly and haven't tried the latest proposed 'fix'.