Is it common knowledge that every corn cob...

Has an even number of rows? Why has nobody ever told me this? I suppose I must acknowledge my own lack of curiosity; doubtless Mr Martino in high school science classes was eager to impress this and other equally wonderful facts only to find that I refused to hear him. Alas for the errors of our youth!

There is an 'exclusive' report in The Oregonian this morning-- so exclusive that my usual ruse for getting around their paywall, the use of a 'private window' in the browser, doesn't seem to work (no, Oregonian people, I am not ever going to pay you, never)-- that a couple of Oregon State Police officers bought their morning coffee in Corvallis earlier (yesterday perhaps, last night-- as I say, I couldn't read more than a couple of sentences) without wearing masks, horror of horrors, and, what is worse, were caught on the store's video, or one of them was, saying 'F--k Governor Brown'. I'll buy 'em their next coffees but I expect that they may be preoccupied in the next couple of days with other matters; one can only hope that they haven't already been sent to the re-education camp.

A note to whoever sent a copy of that video to The Oregonian. If you believe that you are now somehow immunized against being sent away for your own future crime against the majesty of the State, you will find that you're sorely mistaken. The history of the totalitarian dictatorships of the last and this century ought to have made clear to you, poor fool.

For those uninformed about the mysteries of Oregon, Corvallis is the home of Oregon State University, and has its own native complement of 'hippies and hippy wanna-bes' and their natural allies the progressive and the woke. There was once a 'Civil War' between the Eugene-based University of Oregon Ducks and the Beavers of OSU; it was erased last week, I think, but some people may remember it.