Am only now discovering that there is an...

'Online seminar', a 'webinar', underway hosted by the UK thinktank, I suppose one writes, ResPublica, at which Professors Deneen, Vermeule, and Dr Legutko, are participating. I almost registered ten minutes ago but for the fact that an organization and job title were required and while trying to decide which fake organization and job title it was best to use I realized it's on Zoom and then I cannot comfortably re-arrange my morning schedule, anyway. I'll read the Twitter 'livestream' later on.

Had entertained the thought of writing the parish as my organization, with the imaginary job title Chief Liturgical Critic.

Am having a Biber morning, courtesy of Les Passions de l'Ame and Meret Lüthi; their new album is Divina.


Later, before Sext. The ResPublica conversation was recorded and will be posted on their website, so someone who ought to know says.

A series of texts.

I wonder if the fly that I trapped in the dregs of my tea would prefer me to kill it now, or let it keep swimming about until I next go to the kitchen.

I would let it go but am on a crusade at the moment, ever since I finished a can of San Pellegrino aranciata rosso the other day only to feel something in my mouth that on inspection proved to be a dead fly.

The striking thing about that fly is that I had smacked it with my folded cardboard fly-swatter and  either managed to launch it into the can or it survived, stunned perhaps, and then dragged itself to what it thought was a place of security.

A third possibility is that the San Pellegrino had preserved it, in all its crunchy goodness, from the moment of canning. I can still feel it rolling between my front teeth.

Well, I have tormented this fly enough so let's see if it has managed to keep a breath in its body.

It hadn't. Tsk.