Am listening to Johann Friedrich Agricola's...

Die Auferstehung des Erlösers, 'the Resurrection of the Savior', an Easter cantata in ten parts from 1758. Agricola (who, the Wikipedia writer notes, used sometimes the name Flavio Anicio Olibrio, for reasons unmentioned on the English page; the German tells us that he used the alias when he wrote about theory which, if it was then anything like it is now, will surely have been a prudent precaution) is probably best known as a copyist and biographer etc of Bach. Not Palestrina and Victoria by any means but, leaving aside whatever Lutheranish nonsense there might be in the texts, a lovely composition to listen to.

I left this of Father Hunwicke's until he had completed his series of posts (first, second, third, and today, the fourth) on the mode of reception of the Holy Sacrament. His conclusion: it is more important that we kneel to receive the Most August Lord than whether we receive on the tongue or in the hand. Rebuild the communion rails, you servants of the Lord!