Am going to have to ponder and re-read...

Mr Douthat's essay in the Times this morning ("10 Theses About Cancel Culture") but I didn't immediately see any reason not to suppose it to be a reasonable outline of the issues.

'What is Zola's J'accuse?' someone asks me. Tsk. The children these days are remarkably ignorant. That was my first reaction but, do you know, I had to think for some seconds before I remembered the name Dreyfus and the broad outlines of 'l'affaire'.

Someone on Twitter was going on about 'trad larping'. The 'trad' refers to 'traditionalist' etc. Larping, I know the 'live action' etc term from which it's derived but what does 'trad larping' mean? Is it a slur (as in 'those idiots put on cassocks and surplices and carry around candles instead of wearing fake armor and fighting with foam swords in the abandoned lot down the way')? Is it a neutral shorthand reference to the Traditional Rite etc? Am not sorry to have jettisoned TikTok months ago but I will admit that it was a good way of keeping up, a video version of Urban Dictionary without any obscenities.

Valls was magister capellae at the Barcelona Cathedral in the first half of the 18th century.

And I did mean to recall that it is in France a holiday of sorts. M. de Thieulloy of Le Salon Beige, after recalling the savageries of the Revolution (and the revolutionaries' use of the Bastille as propaganda):

... This being said, July 14 is a good occasion to pray for our country. That it might recall its baptism and its vocation! The world has such a need for France, the eldest daughter of the Church, while instead it perishes from the deadly errors that France, eldest daughter of Revolution (and its luciferian 'non serviam'), has spread abroad. And for us, we French, how can we doubt but that social peace and that true grandeur of France of which we dream is bound to the joyful embrace of the Kingdom of Christ? Let us never cease to pray for our country and to act in the temporal realm so that it returns to God....


Post Vesperas. My grand plan, or at any rate the one I conceived when I realized yesterday that today was the feast of St Bonaventura, was to begin re-reading his Itinerarium mentis in Deum, finishing up by the end of his 'octave' (if the feast had one, I mean) next Tuesday. But with one thing and another, I only got so far as downloading it (and the De reductione artium ad theologiam). Since I'm almost finished with Dr Deneen's Liberalism and two-thirds of the way done with Integralism, by the end of the month, perhaps....

And Blogger have changed the way things work between here and YouTube (again)-- in any case, every time I add a video I see that I have one of my very own, that I uploaded who knows how long ago. I believe it happened because I had made an ill-fated technology acquisition, a Flip video camera. I guess this happened before the reign of mobile telephones with cameras-- perhaps the having of that is what prompted me to move 'up' to that brick of a Sony Ericsson; a T280, perhaps (l looked online: I would never have remembered any approximation of that model number on my own).

In 2010. Eh. What is the music? One will notice that I have hair above my forehead; very amusing.