A perfectly clear sky as Dawn begins...

Her morning stretching, yawning with the rest of us. The humid air smells of rain but that is just an effect of the humidity, I suppose. Over 90 degrees F. yesterday and again today, I think.

The concert at Tenerife that I had been planning on listening to-- featuring some Biber-- well, I misread the Spanish. They're going to put it on their YourTube channel, sure, but I mistakenly interpreted that to mean that they were livestreaming when in fact they meant, apparently, that they'll post the video post factum. Eh; and, wouldn't you know, the Warrington livestream of Holy Mass has failed yet again. Mondays, Mondays.

Checking to see if it was yesterday that I had mentioned the Tenerife concert, I also noticed that I wrote about my day being upended, routine-wise, on Saturday without explaining what I was going on about-- which I had fully intended to do. Nonsense, really: I had purchased an iPad but Apple managed to block my access to the 'App Store and iTunes' (because it had been so long since I had accessed it, and an old bank card was in their system). A friend who used to work in IT fussed with Apple (I gave him my password etc etc and I guess he presented himself as me, ha) and after half a dozen clicks on the iPad allowing 'the action' to occur all was good. Anyway, all of this meant that I had to be available (i.e. at my desk) for far longer than anyone ought to need to be.

Giovanni de Macque? Spotify threw up the album; I had never heard of him but it appears he flourished at 'Gesualdo's Court'. Let's see if YouTube will cooperate.

Finished Professor Deneen's Liberalism yesterday, and the third of Dr Christine Mohrmann's Catholic University lectures on Christian Latin, General Characteristics of Liturgical Latin. Then I got lost in reading and trying to read the conclusion of St Augustine's last book of the De Trinitate (that Mohrmann cites at the conclusion of her series of lectures):

... Libera me, deus meus, a multiloquio quod patior intus in anima mea misera in conspectu tuo et confugiente ad misericordiam tuam. Non enim cogitationibus taceo etiam tacens vocibus. Et si quidem non cogitarem nisi quod placeret tibi, non utique rogarem ut me ab hoc multiloquio liberares....

And on to the end. 'Free me, Lord God, from the many voices that I suffer inside my miserable heart whilst I fly unto Thy mercy.'  I don't suppose I have, any longer (being retired, I mean), any excuse to not read the entire De Trinitate, do I; but I can tell I need an English translation with notes, eh.

Wonderful! The video recording of the ResPublica conference ('The Future of Post-Liberalism') of the other day, featuring Messrs Deneen, Legutko, Vermeule et alii, is now available. Their YouTube channel is here. Now I must say Terce.