Word is that the Sovereign Pontiff has renewed...

Robert Cardinal Sarah's mandate as prefect at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Alleluia. My pessimistic expectation was wrong.

Blogger has offered, as long as I have been using the service, a menu of four or five choices of font size. Throughout this iteration (since April, I believe) of blogging I have consistently used the 'Large' font, which has overnight (well, over two nights ago, I believe) become larger. I very much approve; had practically to squint to read the former 'Large' text here as I'm writing (although not the text once it had been 'published').

Time for None.

I notice that the Most Reverend Basil Meeking, Bishop emeritus of Christchurch in New Zealand, has died. Requiescat in pace. I know his name chiefly because on several occasions he was celebrant of pontifical Masses during the Byrd Festival in Portland.

Nunc dimíttis servum tuum, Dómine,
secúndum verbum tuum in pace:
Quia vidérunt óculi mei salutáre tuum,
Quod parásti ante fáciem ómnium populórum,
Lumen ad revelatiónem géntium, et glóriam plebis tuæ Israël.