Went to clear the search history, stored nonsense...

Cookies, user log-ins and whatnot (Heavens! there was almost a gigabyte of it, altogether-- can that be right?), which am told is a good thing to do occasionally; now of course I'm having to sign in to everything anew. Most of the time, me being fairly lackadaisical about security, it is the one user name and the one password, alas, but every once in a while, and for surprising applications or uses (ordinary tools that you'd think would definitely make use of the ordinary user name and ordinary password), there is variation which, frankly, however careful I try to be about making a note of such things on paper, is sometimes a challenge.

I have until this year paid for a password storage site in Switzerland; now that I am on a very fixed income I won't renew that but must remember to make a note of the saved passwords etc over there. Have been reminding myself of this since I got the renewal notice in the mail six weeks ago. The date of renewal is this month sometime.

It is one week today when his Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah turns 75 years of age and is required de iure to submit his resignation as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. I don't imagine that there is much money being wagered on his Holiness keeping him in office beyond two days and fifteen minutes beyond the Ides of June. Spes contra spem. The video infra is of his sermon at Chartres, at the conclusion of the Pentecost Pilgrimage, the year before last.

My feet are becoming accustomed to a new pair of walking shoes. I figured that I was at a point in life when I ought to have an option between the polished shiny black leather shoes and the... trainers (what do I call them? not 'trainers', anyway: I think 'tennis shoes' and avoid calling 'em anything; 'running shoes' if pressed-- they are that, not that I've ever run in them).