The squirrel seems constitutionally unable to eat two nuts...

Consecutively, one right after another. Three or four can drop down from the sky for it: the first it will eat, the second one it will go off to bury, and then return to eat the third before scurrying away with the fourth. This is wise and prudent in squirrel world but quite amusing to me.

Am having to stop in at the pharmacy this morning; Rite Aid doesn't open until 0900 so have had to to put off my departing the house for a couple of hours: if I leave at 0800 then I can do my shopping at the supermarket and be entering the doors at Rite Aid at about 0845. The pharmacists never open their sliding windows until the stroke of nine but a few minutes fussing at the mobile in one of their waiting area chairs isn't too onerous. The one inopportune consequence of this visiting two stores business is that by the end of my conversation with the pharmacist (she is quite pleasant but I haven't fixed her name in my head after these two and a half months, tsk; Martha, Hilda, something like that) I have almost every time needed to make a second stop at Safeway in order to use their toilet; this being chiefly due to the medicine I take to ameliorate the effects of age on my prostate.

Someone remarked earlier that world seems to be continuing to implode; living as I do in this desert I only occasionally experience such things firsthand (my friend lives in Washington DC, Babylon on the Potomac). The most interesting item in the Register-Guard this morning was the news that four or five cats were rescued from a burning house in the very early hours of the day. Apparently no human beings were at home. This reminds me that a US Air Force jet crashed into the North Sea yesterday: I meant to check to see if the poor pilot-- it was a training flight, I believe-- survived that event. Late yesterday I was disappointed to learn that the BBC really did not decide to remove a statue of George Orwell from its premises because... I ought to have known from the labored cleverness of the putative Guardian writer-- although I see now, looking about for that tweet, that Maev Kennedy is in fact a flesh-and-blood real G. writer-- that I was being given parody.

Am about to say None. There was an drenching shower of rain for almost an hour earlier in the day and I got quite chilly; at the moment the Sun is attempting to enliven the sodden world but not being very successful at it. I noticed that Google has ended Zero Hedge and The Federalist's ability to profit from Google's advertising operation: they are now part of the hated 'far Right'; Zero Hedge I pay almost no attention to-- The Federalist is about as 'far Right' as my Great Aunt Frances i.e. it isn't. Now the rain has begun again.