My calendar is, typically, empty...

Of appointments and events now that I'm retired, particularly these days when people evidently continue to fuss about the plague. If I remember to do this or that, I do it; if I neglect to remember, I don't. (In spite of my whining about my memory, much more often than not if I want to recall something I can do so-- e.g. I have had the date for my orthopaedist's appointment next month firmly in mind since it was made, in April.)

The point here is that quite by chance I have managed to 'schedule' two events, one right after the other, on Thursday evening. The one is a lecture by a Dominican friar entitled 'God in St Augustine's Confessions', via livestream on YouTube at 1800, and the second is a recital at 1930 by a fellow named Gabriel Martins, who plays the cello, part of an annual event forced to put itself online called 'Music in the Mountains Virtual SummerFest'. What caught my eye is that he is, inter alia, performing his own arrangement of Heinrich Biber's Passacaglia. I have no idea where I am watching this. On YouTube also, with the 'Discussion' (that I will skip) on Zoom.

If something comes up at 1630, I will be amazed at the coincidence. At the moment, at the present coincidence, I am amused.