Leonardo Vinci's Gismondo re di Polonia was at Spotify this morning...

And, lo! a version is at YouTube, also. Am not quite sure how the performances differ-- have been preoccupied with other things and haven't had the opportunity to investigate. Three and half hours on Spotify, just beyond two and a half at YouTube. I can't tell, e.g., if the video recording is... what is the word? authorised by the artists or if it isn't-- the quality appears too fine for it to be a... pirated recording, if that is the right phrase.

Well, I have the 'complete' video running on the one laptop but it isn't showing here when I search for it; who knows. This video is certainly excerpted from that performance. I'm watching that particular singer now, at the 1:09:45 mark on the longer video, which was posted only yesterday. Hmm.

Leonardo Vinci at Wikipedia in English, in Polish (rather more information about Gismondo re di Polonia, as one might expect), and in Italian. Gismondo began life as Il vincitor generoso, evidently.

This seems to be the production, a couple of seasons ago at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna. It is Sophie Junker in the role of Cunegonda in the video supra (I have no idea about the plot, none, apart from the fact that the singers are occasionally casting quite convincing gazes of concern, agitation, anger, and passion at one another, and then the bountiful conquering, of course....