It's time for Chief Justice Roberts to retire...

So far as I'm concerned. An infamous decision that has interrupted a perfectly fine morning, although it is still too cloudy and too cool. Mass from Paris at 1000 so I must attend to breakfast and a few housekeeping tasks before then.

Saints Peter and Paul, heavenly founders of the new Rome, pray for us!


The lawyers' self-satisfaction with the vindication of precedent (I'm looking Ann Althouse in the eye) is precisely why the courts and the Supreme Court need to be removed from the resolution of this issue: the 'legalization' of elective abortion has been 'judicial over-reach' from the beginning. We all know this but people will still insist that the 'law' is the law. Today's outrage is simply another bit of evidence that 'the system' no longer works. What no longer works will eventually be have to be replaced, in one way or another. Whether burning down the Supreme Court building would do any good is doubtful of course but until the other day I never imagined that the public symbols of the Republic would be trashed without any effective response from the putatively legitimate authorities.


Masks. 'All indoor public spaces', from Wednesday forward, tsk, pft. Governor-- I don't remember what derisive fake name I had been calling her-- Brown has issued another emergency decree. Am going to have to buy a mask or two because I only have the one. Pft.

Later, after Vespers. This is the final paragraph of The Oregonian's news article about this new masks nonsense.

It’s unclear how Brown’s new mandate will be enforced-- whether she’ll solely focus on compelling businesses to require face coverings, or if individuals might be penalized, too. The governor said Oregon Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) will be a lead enforcer at businesses, but “state and local agencies” would assist. Merah, the governor’s spokesperson, didn’t answer a question about whether individuals who don’t comply would be fined.

I am expecting that there be clear answers to 'questions' in the Governor's order, otherwise I won't be wearing my mask. (Will have it with me because the mob of Karens, Dougs, and old people might be so intimidating-- or, more likely, tiresomely argumentative-- that I decide it's better to wear it than to be beaten up or sent back to sleep; I could deck any of the usual early morning people at Safeway, anyway, so am not too concerned about this.)