It is a law of post-Industrial Age physics or

Mechanics or one of those sciences that it is impossible to convey the washing from the machine that washes to the machine that dries the clothing without dropping at least one item onto the floor, however short the distance between the opening of the one machine to the opening of the other.

In the last fews weeks I have spent many hours cleaning in this house, including in what had been one of its filthiest rooms, the laundry. There are ineradicable (apparently) dog hairs in the carpet but it's now otherwise quite dirt- and odor-free. This morning's event was not, therefore, as appalling as it would have been a month ago.


Only now have I reached Fr Martin Fox's post from the 18th on the Supreme Court's horrible three cheers for Justice Kennedy's lunacy--

At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.

They are destroying the foundations of the Republic, and we are expected to be infuriated because of people spraying paint on monuments (not that that is any good, either, of course). Father Fox:

... The most breathtaking assertion of this new anthropology is that mere physicality, mere, objective facts, are less important, and must yield to, the will. Autonomy uber alles! So when you and I observe that "Sylvia," who "identifies" as a woman, actually has the physicality of a man, not only is this fact irrelevant, it must be silenced. We may, grudgingly (for now) see the facts of Sylvia's body, but we must not live or act as if we believe what we see. When Sylvia asserts that she/he/xe is male, that is the final word....

Maybe I ought to do that training course on fighting with a staff.