Finished a particular cleaning project, and now it's time for Terce...

Followed by breakfast. It always amuses me slightly when, checking the Google Alerts, it takes a half second or sometimes a bit longer for me to realize that, no, this is not the composer Sir James MacMillan, to whose name on the Internet I want to be alerted, but is.... This morning it was a park ranger in Santa Rosa. The composer Heinrich Biber, his name alerted, it's the composer.

I wanted to add a performance of MacMillan's The Sun Danced, the Fatima commission, but it's not at YouTube yet.

Today is The Wanderer day, every Friday since 1867 (well, I don't know if they've always published on Fridays...). Since I never see Patrick Buchanan's column anywhere else, I look forward to it; unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to link to articles in the electronic edition so this link is to its appearance in some newspaper called the Union-Leader which is in... I ought to know this. Oh, New Hampshire, surely; 'the first primary in the nation' and all of that. In any event, I don't see the facts misrepresented; he indulges in rhetoric of course between and behind the facts.

... There is much chatter about “speaking truth to power.” What does that mean today? At the least, the recognition that while the killing of George Floyd was an atrocity that cries out for justice, so, too, does the rampant criminality that exploded in its aftermath. But because of the failure to condemn that criminality, and the paralysis of Minnesota’s political leadership class, the black community in Minneapolis has lost hundreds of businesses-- some forever-- that had provided them with the necessities of a decent life. Liberals may equate the term “law and order” with racism, but without law and order, there is no justice and no peace.
I don't pay too much attention to daily political nonsense because I have no patience for the rhetoric of the Left-- the identity politics, the programmatic quasi-Marxist nonsense, all of it. And unfortunately the bureaucratic class-- including, alas, too many of the excellentissimi ac reverendissimi domini-- in the Church in the United States is fully paid up on their membership in it. Holy Mother Church will last until the end; the United States, eh, there is no divine guarantee about the United States, whatever certain folks on the Right believe.