At Paris, they are singing the Coronation Mass...

Of Louis XVI, requiescat in pace, composed by François Giroust, for the first Mass of Father Gauthier Guillaume FSSP, ordained yestereday at Laon. M. l'Abbé had been master of ceremonies at Saint-Eugène. So a very joyful and splendid occasion, with the appropriate instrumentalists-- I hear violins, at least-- joining the Schola. Am not quite sure who is delivering the sermon at the moment.

It is in fact brevis. He [he was busying himself at the altar, so my supposition is that he's a superior in the FSSP] says he is about to finish his sermon.

Later, after the Mass. All two hours and twenty minutes of it, during which time I dozed off only once, during the communion of the faithful. Violins and at least one cello. Giroust took up with the Masons after the Revolution; I wonder in what part that was an adjustment of convenience, so to say, or whether he had always been ready to put his talent out to hire. In any case, it has to be counted a good thing that he didn't lose his life durings the terrors of the Revolution.