An odd morning but the familiar grey skies and damp...

Of a Willamette Valley June are reassuring. Mass was at 0200, so in order to say the Office I was up shortly after midnight. Then, presumably because the Eucharistic Procession is added to Vespers, the starting hour for that office is 0700, more or less now, rather than 0845 as is usual. I shall see how necessary a nap is along about midday.


Bright Phoebus has been out and about much of the late morning and afternoon thus far. There are, however, light grey swollen-looking clouds hanging in the sky. Am listening to Handel's Lucrezia (HWV 145), along with four other 'continuo cantatas' (HMV 138, 90, 115, and 127a)-- I'd call 'em 'chamber cantatas'-- on the CD Arcadian Affairs (well, via Spotify). I already bought one album this month, a FLAC download of that Dowland in Dublin CD, so must restrain myself until July. One can't go wrong with Janet Baker.

Haven't yet had recourse a nap-- have been doing some simple cleaning and surreptitious carrying of useless tras... stuff my landlady has allowed to accumulate out to the recycling bin-- but None is next and then dinner: I expect after that I will have to struggle to stay awake until Compline, tsk.