Am listening to Giacomo Carissimi's oratorio Job...

For three voices (soprano, baritone, and tenor in this 2010 recording on ATMA Classique: they being Maria Keohane, Tyler Duncan, and Matthew White); about ten minutes in length, so not a massive Handelian stupor mundi.

Dominus dedit, Dominus abstulit: sit nomen Domini benedictus.

This staged version is attractive although the sound quality is not of the greatest; in Florence fifteen or so years ago, performed by the Ensemble San Felice. The instrumental pieces in between the three Carissimian movements are by Frescobaldi, Dario Castello (I'd never heard of him; 5500 monthly listeners on Spotify, more or less the same as Carissimi himself), and Marco Uccellini (6700 monthly listeners). By way of comparison, Handel enjoys 2.1 million, while Lil Nas X has 20.8 million.

The plumber and the landlady were fussing about on the deck yesterday afternoon: that is the only reason I can think of why the chickadees may have retreated-- didn't see any of them last evening nor have I this morning, and it is almost time for Sext.

Nearing the hour of Vespers, the first Vespers of the feast of Our Lord's Body and Blood, Corpus Christi. I forgot all about this. The day warmed up and the skies are blue if spotted with mid-level clouds. Added the right amounts of cilantro and jalapeño pepper to dinner's tuna salad and about a half teaspoon too much of the prepared wasabi sauce-- much an improvement over the last time I used it. Have been reading Pierre Manent on the natural law and human rights and debating how seriously I want to invest time etc into reading Charles De Koninck.

Later, before Compline. I gave in. The jays seemed to become adamant about remaining in the trees that circle the back yard; so unless there is some way to force them to land on my window sill to feed, I have no choice but to surrender and toss them their peanuts. But the chickadees! what has gotten into their little bird minds, I wonder.