A bonfire may be illegal within the city limits...

But I wonder if burning trash is? There is no sort of container, so I'd have to stand there, hose in hand, throughout the entire process. Nothing would give me greater satisfaction that reducing all the kitsch and debris in this house to ash but, alas, it is not my kitsch and what I'm calling debris is kitsch in the landlady's mind. But it is become a beautiful breezy sunny afternoon.

Received the printed book etc etc today from the Pentecost Pilgrimage folks in Viroflay, Lorraine in France. Last year I received them about a fortnight after the event, so this is progress (the Pilgrimage ended today, of course)! (The lateness is totally due to my having neglected to submit my request etc etc early enough-- not their responsibility at all.)

Had a telephone call earlier and, lo! I get to go downtown to hear Mass at 1210 tomorrow. This means I begin the adventure at, well, I have to look at the bus schedules. Half an hour to get to the bus stop, the bus is running every half hour or perhaps a bit more often than that (or else not, hence the need to check the schedule). 1100 departure, in the best of circumstances. The lady who telephoned had no idea whether my participation in the 'cleaning crew' is wanted; honestly, am glad not to be fussing with that (I have used so much bleach and so many cleaning chemicals in the last couple of weeks that my fingerprint is no longer registered by the mobile), although I did volunteer to do it so will see what's up tomorrow.