We are supposed to be grateful that they deign to notice our feasts...

One must laugh or cry, or, I suppose, stop reading the Guardians, NYT, and Le Mondes of the world. M. Janva at Le Salon Beige noticed the Le Monde article about Our Lord's Ascension.

In addition to the errors emboldened [i.e. he noted those errors... not quite sure how I settled on the word 'emboldened' to be used in this sense, pft-- MP in April 2023] by M. Janva (Our Lord experiences a second 'incarnation', and the Ascension is celebrated on Holy Thursday)-- which have since been silently corrected, in the best Pravda style-- I'd point out that the author, the enlightened Ilham Mraizika (there is no other sort of journalist at Le Monde) seems to confuse what the Catholic world calls 'movable feasts' (e.g. Easter, which depends on the Moon and the Spring equinox etc, as opposed to e.g. the 'fixed' feast of Christmas, always celebrated on 25th December) with the fact that the Catholic and Orthodox worlds use different calendars altogether (the Julian and the Gregorian).

I am not going to touch Mme Mraizika's description of Our Lady's Assumption that comes at the end of her article. In more that forty years of Catholic life I've never seen a reference to Our Lady's 'résurrection', probably because the end of her earthly life is called 'Dormition', a falling asleep, because there is sound reason to believe that Our Lady, in a singular way befitting her dignity as Mother of God didn't suffer death as the rest of us do and will (in a way analogous to the fact that she was, at the beginning of her life-- 'our tainted nature's solitary boast'-- free from any stain of Original Sin).