Today is the feast of the Apparition of St Michael at Gargano...

In the Traditional Calendar, suppressed, I believe, after 1960, but of course some of us pay not very much attention to such nonsense. Dr DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement has written two posts, today's, here, features photographs of the church at Gargano. His first-- also dated today, although I was sure I read it last night-- is a broader review of the circumstances etc of the feast itself.

Ah, I am remembering: usually after the night office, I proceed to follow the celebration of Holy Mass at Warrington, near Liverpool in England, but this morning (at 0415!) there was a glitch in the machine (I'm pretty sure someone over there pushed the wrong key: not in my machine) and so I began the cursus paginarum early, there being no livestream of Mass. That's why I thought that Dr D.'s first post was 'yesterday'. Am always pleased when I can demonstrate to myself that I have not invented these things from whole cloth, that there is a reasonable explanation for thinking that I read the post last night.

The video recording of the hymn Tibi Christe splendor Patris which is, in the Solesmes Liber hymnarius, given for Lauds, not Vespers as Dr DiPippo suggests. Not the video he provided, which won't turn up when I try to search for it at YouTube, tsk; still, two versions are better than one.


Now I am confused, because the post I had decided I read 'last night but really at 0415 today' was in fact published in 2015. Or, I would be confused if I deigned to think about any longer. This does explain why I couldn't find the video Dr D. used, though.