The other day I wondered if the US federal government...

Sponsors a website devoted to 'approved' media outlets' reporting of information to do with the plague; this was in the context of noticing that a page on a French government website, featuring such 'approved' outlets, did in fact exist. 'Did' being the key word there: the government bureaucrats have taken the 'désinfox' page down.

The mockery it elicited from journalists and politicians not in M. Macron's service was enough to suggest a prudential retreat, I reckon.


Am not going to fuss with this particular post, what is done is done, but in future I'm going to use a smaller font here. Since the Blogger people renewed their site the other day this choice of font, which previously seemed to me to result in properly sized text, has produced text that is too large: I will make the effort to change my font selection habit.