The Bishops of Minnesota will reopen the churches...

On Tuesday next, in defiance of the governor's decree. We shall see. Dr Matt at the Remnant brought this to my attention in an email this morning or last night: their article is here. As it stands, no more than 10 people can attend a Mass (or Lutheran service-- the Missouri Synod leaders in Minnesota joined the Catholic bishops in refusing to continue to observe the quarantine decree). I hope that the excellentissimi ac reverendissimi domini have indeed had their eyes opened: there will be an unending cacophonous chorus of experts, amplified by the media, until the last ill person has died or recovered and that is no foundation for the prudent exercise of episcopal responsibilities.

The Mass of Our Lord's Ascension was lovely earlier today.

And Saint Eugène has also completed Vespers of the day.

Time for a nap before Sext, I believe.