The Archbishop is re-opening the churches...

And so Holy Mass will be celebrated again publicly from Sunday. (Having added this happy news at the top of the page, I continue with it infra, below the asterisks.)

The archdiocesaan parish church in Veneta, St Catharine's, will resume the public celebration of Holy Mass on Sunday-- with a limit of 25 persons, who will have to sign up no later than Friday, each one providing his name and contact information of some sort. The usher is going to be checking the list, evidently. People are going to be seated in every other pew. 

This arrangement, perhaps, sounds familiar: that would be because St Catharine's neighbor to the south, St Thomas Becket, not an archdiocesan church but one of the FSSPX's, has followed this regime since the state-imposed closures began.

I will be interested to see if the Archbishop has allowed this at the St Catharine's of the archdiocese (i.e. churches in small towns without hundreds and more of parishioners) or if the permission is more widespread.


The excellentissimus ac reverendissimus dominus Mons Alexander Sample, Archbishop of Portland, has indeed re-opened the churches, and the public celebration of Holy Mass will begin from Sunday, the 3rd the 4th [numbers, eh, what are numbers...] post Pascha. The individual parishes will, within 'certain guidelines' (i.e. what the FSSPX has already been doing, presumably), begin the business in their several ways depending on all sorts of circumstances etc etc. I haven't seen an email yet as to how St Mary's here in Eugene will proceed. After another Te Deum, it occurred to me that... the city buses are not operating on Sundays during the plague, tsk.