"Not through the guns and whips of the oppressors...."

At Rorate Caeli, a letter by Dr John Rao-- he keeps in touch with the members of the Roman Forum-- was posted today, by Dr Kwasniewski. He makes what I believe are several good points.

... These sad and lamentable prelates have made it crystal clear to the entire globe that laundromats and abortion mills are more “essential” to the life of man than the grace of Christ. Why would the world possibly take their “magisterial” teaching seriously after that kind of confession? How much of the spiritual literature of the Church must be rewritten to justify their new mentality? How foolish must we consider the priests of the Black Death who perished to give last rites to the sick in comparison with the sensible bishops of the present, huddled in their pointless palaces, warning the clergy of the physical dangers of shepherding the sheep? Admittedly, they are filled with a kind of “holy terror”: the fear that, should they open the doors of the generally empty churches of the “renewal”---where social distancing is actually simple to maintain, even under normal circumstances---someone who enters might claim to have fallen ill and litigate. At that point a true disaster would ensue! The last pieces of property, whose material accumulation has always been the real pride and joy of much of the business minded American Hierarchy, might then be taken away from them....

Verbum sapientibus.