Not much time to sit and review the foreign media today...

Because, well, one thing after another. Eh. Did stumble into an acquaintance with Marco Uccellini and his sonatas; he was magister capellae in Parma and Modena in the 17th century. Considering my interest in Heinrich Biber, it surprised me that I hadn't also been listening to Uccellini.

Had to make a trip to the computer repair shop this afternoon. The technician's work seems impeccable and am very pleased. More speed, more storage, fewer moving parts.

There is a great uproar in the Traditional party of the Catholic world because of a new petition to 'government leaders', signed by Cardinals Müller, Zen, and.... There's the rub-- Cardinal Sarah's name is on the page but evidently he is protesting that he didn't sign it (I say that based on Twitter, ahem-- perhaps this will have all resolved itself by the morning). I'm happy to sign it myself (although there are phrases and details that I have reservations about) but I'm not a prefect of one of the dicasteries of the papal court. Mons Roche may yet again be checking the costs involved in outfitting himself in the cardinalatial purple.

The civil authorities are admonished to stop impeding access to the Mass and the other Sacraments, open the churches, recognize that the Bishops govern the Church not themselves and so on and so forth. There is also a well meant appeal to scientists to do their plague science independently and not in service to the reigning political partisans; this will be misrepresented, unfortunately, as fomenting this or that theory of 'conspiracy'. And the entire project will be characterized as a plot against the Roman Pontiff (Mons Viganò is one of the episcopal signatories and-- I'm adding this on Friday-- indeed was the principal proposer). The text is here, and beginning tomorrow, evidently, we can all sign the thing.


Looking about earlier today, I decided that the best rationalisation of the Sarah-Viganò... what is a polite term to use instead of cluster***k? (sometimes, the vulgar mode really does supply the most fitting term)... guazzabuglio is: the Cardinal changed his mind, and, in any case, did not in fact sign anything. Mons Viganò seems to have been entitled to suppose that the Cardinal intended to agree that his name should be on the petition. Eh; Catholic Twitter, some of part of it, has been like a drunken mob today: no one really knows who to blame, everyone knows that someone has to take the blame, and very few want to admit the possibility that there's in reality little blameworthy to begin with. But the Traditional 'army' needs a... competent general or two.