Lovely morning, beautiful afternoon, splendid evening...

I think so, anyway. Have been reading St Bede's Ecclesiastical History; it is his feast day but I stumbled into the History via Cuthbert's life: possible for me because it's in Loeb. I hadn't begun the day thinking, I should read some Bede.

The expedition in town went well enough although I was unlucky enough to ride with the same bus operator both into and from: he seems never to have learned to drive without making one jolting stop after another. Was slightly nauseous when I disembarked at Eugene Station although not at the end of the return journey: at that point I was, however, more than ready to strip the damn mask off my face. All the way back I had to fuss with the itch here and the itch there beneath the beard: perhaps this kept me from concentrating on the jolting, however.


My day is coming to its end: the breezes have been continuously blowing for hours. I wonder if this presages the 'hot days' I was reading about this morning, or if all the movement of the airs will frustrate the heat, somehow. The sunlit greens and yellows of the view from my window:

Had never realised it but I can edit photographs on the mobile: and that is, in the sense that I cropped out the extraneous bits e.g. the dirty white plastic table top and the recycling container.