Iubilate Deo, omnis terra, alleluia...

The introit for today's Mass, the third Sunday after Easter:

Iubiláte Deo, omnis terra, allelúia: psalmum dícite nómini eius, allelúia: date glóriam laudi eius, allelúia, allelúia, allelúia. Dícite Deo, quam terribília sunt ópera tua, Dómine! in multitúdine virtútis tuæ mentiéntur tibi inimíci tui.

Mons Knox translates:

Let the whole world keep holiday in God’s presence, sing praise to his name, pay homage to his glory! Cry out to God, What dread, Lord, thy acts inspire! How great is that might of thine, which makes thy enemies cringe before thee!

I find the Knox version itself, the complete work, I mean, alternately wonderful and a bit cringe-making, to put it informally. But mentior is to lie, to deceive, to invent, etc etc and I can't think myself of a better way of putting that into English than by using 'cringe'.  The Septuagint renders this, 'in the multitude of thy power shall thine enemies be proved false unto thee'.  

Does the US federal government have a website up which lists approved sources of information about the current plague? The French government does, 'Désinfox', for short, as I was informed by a (subscription-hunting) email from Valeurs Actuelles this morning.

I can understand that to be included on the public site there mustn't be a paywall. There also has to have been a 'fact checking regime' in place for at least two years, and there has to be a 'team' dedicated to 'fact checking'. Pft; the result looks to be a good showing of the one side of the politcal spectrum with no representation of the other: we know that this is what Truth is like, eh. Am done with political nonsense for the day, however.