It's never occured to me that I can 'share' here...

The video recording of the celebration of Holy Mass that I follow at mid-morning. Today is the feast of Saints Nereus, Achilleus, the virgin Domitilla, and Pancratius, martyrs during the terror of Diocletian. Nereus and Achilleus were eunuchs in the service of the imperial household, evidently, Domitilla being (in some degree or another) a member of the ruling family-- there is evidently a question whether today's Domitilla virgo et martyr and May 7th's St Flavia Domitilla martyr are one and the same person, whose legenda is, ahem, confused, or if there were in fact two saints. The identity of names, eh, that was a frequent enough occurrence among the great families of the City.

Let's see if this in fact works; it does. Wonderful. Saint Eugène has recently begun a fund-raising campaign to finance new cameras etc etc so that the livestreaming (some new words I adopt fairly quickly!) of the rites there on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch meets contemporary standards of quality etc etc. Quite frankly, the building needs to be re-lighted altogether but am not sure that is something the parish can improve or alter on its own initiative.