'In a similar situation again, the Bishops ought to oppose to the government a flat refusal to close their churches'...

And, it having happened once, they will make it happen again, or try to.

This letter, written by a moral theologian for the eyes of one of the reverendissimi ac excellentissimi domini, contains points I have thought (in my aged incoherence) but not articulated in such a reasonable way. It was posted today at Rorate Caeli by Dr Peter Kwasiewski. (So far as my title supra goes, by the way, the author in fact introduces an important distinction to that counsel to the Bishops; I add an excerpt infra but read the entire letter!)
Were we to find ourselves in a similar situation again in which it is not obvious to everyone that being in a Catholic church building constitutes of its very essence a grave danger to public health, I deem it of the utmost importance that the bishops-- all together if possible, but if not possible each one in his diocese-- oppose to the government a flat refusal to close their churches. In so doing, it is important that they be not afraid to argue the unique sacredness of Catholic churches. Catholics do not just use their churches to gather on a Sunday. Many of them attend church each day to visit their Lord whom they believe is substantially present in the Blessed Sacrament. Permanent access to our churches is an essential right of all the faithful, which cannot be relegated to the level of visiting a theatre or a café. (How can one not feel disgust and outrage at seeing our churches closed in the very same decree that mandated the closing of bars and coffee shops? Surely this is a mockery and a grave offence against Almighty God!) Failure to resist would be a violation of their most sacred duty to God Incarnate and a concession to the political power that can only have grave consequences in the future.