Had one of those 'breaking news' emails from The Oregonian in Portland...

Reminding me of the 'breaking news' that it is Election Day here. Pft. I put my ballot in the mail the day after I received it, in the mail. It is a system ripe for abuse and exploitation and I condemn it, condemn it, I tell you-- but the great majority of people seem to think that it makes their lives so much less burdensome. Fools and idiots.

Managed not to nap during the Rogation procession and Holy Mass earlier; the schola did a beautiful job. I suppose having sung the more or less identical pieces yesterday will have helped... come to think of it, I believe everything sung will have been the same as yesterday: three collects recited by the priest were different, the feast of Pope St Celestine being commemorated today, that of St Venantius yesterday. Tomorrow is the Vigil of the Ascension and there are no commemorations at Mass.

A trivial matter to some, but Twitter has restored @bruvvereccles to life, having suspended the account for almost two months. I suspect that Susan from the parish council had a hand is this business, or what's his name, Austen Ivereigh; the official Twitter explanation? while going about its business praiseworthy and righteous removing bad accounts, inadvertantly some not bad accounts were also affected. Pft. The witty and resourceful Bruvver Eccles introduced a temporary account (@bruveccles) to keep his audience entertained and motivated onward to salvation; none the less it does seem a happier, a more sunshine-filled world this noon.