For the record...

Father John Zuhlsdorf awarded to my yesterday's comment (on his post about Mons Stika's prohibition of the traditional manner of receiving Holy Communion in tempore pestilentiae) his famous 'Gold Star for the Day'. Nunc dimittis....

I have updated my post from the 6th, noting the death of Madame Birthe Lejeune, adding an excerpt from the homily of Mons Michel Aupetit, Archbishop of Paris.

Someone on Twitter is trying to shame me into wearing a mask when I'm out and about, or maybe semper et ubique, who knows. I do have a mask, indeed two of them, given me by my friendly acquaintance the supermarket lady: the city bus people are requiring that masks be worn (or faces somehow otherwise covered) in order to board the bus. I haven't had to ride, however, in weeks, so I hope the material aspect of the friendly gift doesn't go to waste.

The Le Camus is what I'm listening to, if not just at the moment then within the last several: that generally speaking is how I select the videos that I place here. Hmm; probably, I ought to have made that clear a few weeks ago.