Domestic coincidences, and a new favorite sentence...

Heavy rains overnight, from late yesterday afternoon, diminishing in the late early morning hours to a series of gentle showers. Lovely strong winds last night!

I was occupied earlier with some mundane chore or another when I noticed on the tablet that the Amazon people were telling me that they had delivered a book yesterday. A book that I most certainly hadn't seen. After a few minutes, I proceeded to the front door, intending to go check at the housemate's door, around the side of the house: we share the same Christian name and occasionally parcels for me are mistakenly left at his door instead of at the front door. As I left the house, about to descend the steps, I noticed that there was a foreign automobile in the driveway; presuming that the driver was turning around, I stepped down only to notice that the woman had exited her vehicle-- carrying what was (alas, perhaps) immediately recognizable as a box from Amazon. My book, yes, had been mistakenly delivered to the lady's house. She was pleasant and apologetic (apologetic because she had, or perhaps one of the children had, opened the parcel). I was simply grateful, in the first place for taking possession of my long-awaited copy of Father Foster's Ossa latinitatis sola but, in the second, because I was saved from having to involve myself in a potentially long and exasperating conversation with Amazon about my package's whereabouts.

Was reading last night in the collection of essays by Dr Roberto de Mattei published under the title Love for the Papacy and Filial Resistance to the Pope and was struck at reading the sentence of Saint Bruno da Segni, a prelate and theologian who died in the first quarter of the 12th century: "whoever defends heresy is a heretic". Not an actionable thesis these days but it makes sense to me.

Omnis autem qui haeresim defendit, haereticus est.

This letter of St Bruno is in Migne, 165, column 1139B. Now, I'm taking Dr De Mattei's word for it that this is an authentic letter: my recollection is that in Migne, all sorts of confusion exists between the different Brunos-- St Bruno, holy founder of the Carthusians, St Bruno of Cologne, St Bruno of Segni, maybe others-- but presumably anyone referencing one of 'em in 2020 knows which is which.

I may have to put on a sweater.