Am reading an article in The Wanderer...

Which is, as I'm sure is well known, a conservative Catholic newspaper based in Milwaukee (I believe) that began its life in the German language serving the immigrant population there and nationwide. Particularly after the Second Vatican Council it was or became cemented on the traditional, conservative side of things (although one of the Matt family wasn't satisfied with that editiorial line and started a second newspaper, The Remnant, also still publishing, more radically and explicitly 'traditionalist'). Anyway. The article I'm reading is from the Catholic News Agency and so one would expect a rather more fluent version of the Italian language sources. For example:

"... Instead, the internal report cited by the Italian newspaper discussed training staff to be able to complete more tasks, and mentioned the need for a broad overhaul of the Holy See’s approach to personnel, which it said was unlikely to happen amid current circumstances...."

It is down to the translation, that one is left with a depiction of staff who begin but don't finish projects because of a lack of training, and speculation about policy changes that are admitted at the outset not to be happening-- or is that in fact how the Holy See conducts its business? Some of each, is my surmise. Or perhaps rather more of the latter, unfortunately.