Am amazed that the squirrels and the birds all of them...

Seem to have become quite selective in their choice of peanuts: they abandon the ones that are obviously a single nut in the shell in favor of the ones that have a nut in each end. They must reckon by the weight, or perhaps the shape? some single nut peanuts have shells more or less spherical rather than...  there is word for the peanut shell dumbbell-shape but I can't recall it. The idiot dog, on the other hand, will eat 'em whether they're containing one nut or two. I do try to make sure not to throw out what won't get eaten by the birds and squirrels because I imagine it can't be easy on the canine digestive system, peanut shells.The dog climbed up on the bench earlier to try to reach the squirrel that was very loudly remonstrating or mocking. Probably both.

Am sure the animals are visible only if that photograph is capable of being enlarged on the screen. The dog isn't paying attention to the bird because he is preoccupied with other business. The bird knows that the dog can't move from point A to point B in less time than it will take to fly off with the nut. I very rarely go out there myself because the deck is quite capable of collapsing in places but I suspect that the three pandas are encircling an abandoned planter. My landlady collects (to put it politely) kitsch (to continue in the way of politeness).

The pleasures of a warm and sunny May evening. Am still listening to Josef Rheinberger's lieder.