A pleasant irony about the appeal made at the French Conseil d'Etat this morning...

Is that it is a Madame Leglise who is representing the Ministry. (The Fraternities of Saint Peter and Saint Vincent Ferrer, the Institutes of Christ the King and of the Good Shepherd-- with the tacit support of the FSSPX-- and I forget who all else are asking the Conseil d'Etat to strike down the government's continued prohibition of public worship.) The judge, M. Aladjidi, will work over the weekend and deliver his decision 'at the beginning' of next week. Le Salon Beige's notice, here; l'Homme Nouveau apparently had a correspondant inside the aula and tweeted coverage of the argument: someone has commented at Le Salon Beige asking about this. Perhaps there is not supposed to be live reportage in such cases?

Another amusement. At some point, Madame Leglise referred to Italy as 'the eldest daughter of the Church', which elicited a chorus of correction from the plaintiffs' attorneys. I myself would be a quivering mass of mistakes in a venue like that; it would be interesting to know, however (one can't tell from the published text, obviously) if that was a momentary glitch or if in fact she's carried that mistake around in her head for who knows how long.