A glorious morning although it is a...

Bit chilly, so I'm breakfasting on oatmeal. The Office is of St Monica today and so was expecting the Mass Cognovi: but in England and Wales it's the feast of the Henrician Martyrs, as Fr de Malleray at Warrington pointed out, so they used... well, I missed the introit (sound quality and volume: unless they are having a solemn Mass I can't really understand the text of the proper-- it's as if it were being sung from some place far, far away, underwater) and never did figure out which formulary was used. For all I know, there is a proper Mass for the day.

Am listening to this album from I Bassifondi, a recording of music from 17th c Rome. 

It includes two songs by the polymath and cultural influencer (it's too early for me to attempt an indulgence in humor) Pater Athanasius Kircher of the Society of Jesus (1602-1680): a tarentella and then one called 'Antidotum tarantulae' i.e., antidote to the tarentella (or, to the bite of the spider). I don't know if there is some complex design involved, the composition of the second responding somehow to or parodying the composition of the first.

They both sound fairly racy to me.


Am having an adventure this morning, taking the 'ordinary' laptop to the repair shop. 

(Am not myself sure of the details of the history after all this time but the laptop going voyaging today is the eldest one, now used for most purposes most of the time; the newer one I use for storing and playing music and running the video apparatus for significant lengths of time e.g. the six hours of the Easter Vigil-- I trust the 'ordinary' machine for an episode of Hancock's Half Hour. It was purchased to replace the older one but, in spite of having the sturdier interior parts, two or three keys on its keyboard became unreliable fairly early on, outside the period of the warranty of course. Why didn't I simply have keyboard repaired, it may be asked? Because I'm sometimes a silly fellow.)   

There is an unpleasant whirring noise that is recurring at a consternating rate. Have never done business with this repairman so we shall see. I chose him because his office is within walking distance of this house; two miles round trip i.e. a bit farther than the usual spatiamentum. I'm presuming that he will get to work before noon on a Monday.